At One Pianoman, our emphasis goes beyond pianos; we are passionate about how YOUR life can be enhanced by this timeless instrument.

For over 50 years we have been involved in sales, repairs, reconditioning and tuning pianos. In observing accomplishments at the piano, we have seen proud parents, marvelous musicians, tireless teachers and charmed children.​

We have also seen adults with regrets, wishing they had never given up, poor people who dearly wanted to learn but who never had access to a piano, and bored or disappointed children who were literally “turned off” from learning to play the piano.​

Although our mission is to serve everyone, our hearts specially go out to the second group! The piano is such a timeless instrument and playing the piano so powerfully therapeutic, healing and uniting, that no one should be denied this experience.​

Just navigate our website to see how we are taking care of this need.​

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