About Us

After taking a course from the Empire School of Piano Tuning in Miami, Florida, Michael Gibbons started tuning pianos for customers in his homeland, Barbados, West Indies in 1970. For over 5 decades, with his wife and five sons, the family business was involved in “everything Pianos” as they were fully occupied in Piano sales, moving, reconditioning, rebuilding and the installation of digital systems. This same fervor and committal to providing meticulous piano care was brought to the US when Michael, his wife and one son relocated to Des Moines, Iowa. One Pianoman now focuses on areas of the greatest need in the piano world.


    ​Our mission is to be a trusted provider of new and used pianos; instruments that are attractive, affordable and reliable to all who love, appreciate and play the piano.


    That the current young generation will be enlightened as to the versatility and value of the piano and that this instrument will retain its place as one of the most enduring investments that can be made.