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After taking a course from the Empire School of Piano Tuning in Miami, Florida, Michael Gibbons started tuning pianos for customers in his homeland, Barbados, West Indies in 1970. For over 5 decades, with his wife and five sons, the family business was involved in “everything Pianos” as they were fully occupied in Piano sales, moving, reconditioning, rebuilding and the installation of digital systems. This same fervor and committal to providing meticulous piano care was brought to the US when Michael, his wife and one son relocated to Des Moines, Iowa. One Pianoman now focuses on areas of the greatest need in the piano world.

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Mason & Hamlin

In 1854, Emmons Hamlin and Henry Mason set about to build the world’s finest pianos. Today Mason & Hamlin, one of only two pianos still being manufactured in the United States, uses only the finest materials and innovative techniques. Below are some of the models available. 

Model 50​

50” Professional upright

Model B​

5’ 4” Baby Grand

Model A​

 5’ 8” Grand Piano

Model AA​

6’ 4” Artist Grand

Model BB

7’ 0” Semi-Concert Grand

Model CC

9’ 4” Concert Grand



Mason & Hamlin - Classic Series

Classic Series Pianos

MHC-120U / EP​

48” Upright

Please contact us for the variety of available finishes 

MHC-150G / EP​
4’ 11” Grand

MHC-170G / EP​

5’ 6” Grand


Mason & Hamlin - Artist Series Pianos

MHA-123U / EP - 48”Upright  

Please contact us for the variety of available finishes.

MHA-188G / EP – 6’ 2” ​




Hallet Davis & Co.


Hallet, Davis  & Co started producing quality pianos in Boston in 1835 and the brand became a trusted name in the United States throughout the 1900s. Today, Hallet, Davis & Co has partnered with overseas manufacturers, and high-quality pianos with outstanding tonal characteristics, are still being made for the American market.

 Below are some of the models available. 


HS 115M2​ 45” Upright

HS 109D​ 43” Upright

HS121S - 48" Upright HS 131Y 52" Upright




HS148EP - 4'10" Contemporary Grand HS160EP 5'3" Elite Grand HS 170EP 5'7" Premier Grand HS 188EP 6'2" Artist Grand

Please contact us for the variety of available finishes.

New & Used Pianos


43 1/2” Samick


43 1/2”  Yamaha


45” Baldwin


48 ¾”​ Kawai



Hallet, Davis & Co​ 4’ 11”





Charles R. Walter







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