Player Piano Reviews



BRIAN & JULIE JONES - The purchase of our piano from Pianoman has been an absolute pleasure. From the first tentative enquiry right through to delivery and set up, Mr. Michael Gibbons was knowledgeable, helpful and courteous assisting us to choose the right piano to suit our needs. When we don’t have a pianist in the house, the piano plays itself, amazing! I would certainly highly recommend them to anyone looking to add beautiful music to their home.

SCOTT CREECH We love our piano. I mean love it! I listen to the piano pretty much every morning after every one leaves the house as I like it loud! 
I "surprised this purchase” on my wife when we bought a little bigger house. "Let's get a baby grand" is pretty much how it went. It is a beautiful piece of furniture. Ours is jet black. Beautiful also on the inside where the strings are located. Really like a piece of art because it is.  Love to watch the hammers hit the strings and see the keys move as it plays itself.

Another positive thing I did not see coming at all, is that my wife has picked up playing again. She took lessons up to becoming a teenager and then just stopped playing decades ago. ZERO regrets on this investment.

Michael & Lloyd the father/son owners of One Pianoman were so easy to work with. I did everything on the phone with them to get it purchased, so I never met them till the day after the delivery crew delivered the piano. Michael, in my opinion,  is a very honest businessman and talented pianist.

If you have the room, and you have the money, it would honestly be stupid not to buy. Seriously. Donate it to the high school in your town if you get tired of it. Buy the thing!


I bought my prodigy unit to be attached to my Yamaha Piano from Lloyd Gibbons at One Pianoman. I have worked with him and his father for several years now and they always have been helpful and upstanding business people.  Whether it is connections for my unit or just the volume of my unit, they have been most accommodating and I highly recommend them!